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I'm Michelle Sarkissian, an artist first and a vendor second. I'm a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic. I fall in love with my couples time and time again. Good thing I have my camera to cover up my tears! I love to utilize my clients' unique story and style as a guide to shape how I capture their wedding day and portraits so that they have meaning beyond just being pretty. As a wife to my husband Sean and mother to my sweet Fiona, I understand deeply that photographs are a way to freeze what can easily become a fleeting moment. Our memories, whether picture perfectly produced or not, are our legacy. After all is said and done, I fully believe that my emotional investment in you and your big day is the magic that makes my pictures phenomenal. I use my tack sharp instincts, based on our careful planning, to make the call on what moments require different photographic approaches. Some situations may call for me to be more pulled back and capture the moment without interruption, while others require direction and posing to give you those impactful editorial portraits. My experience has prepared me well to meet all of those demands, so that I can offer you the perfect solution for whatever the day throws our way with a joyful enthusiasm that lifts your spirits and makes your heart smile. 

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