Photo by  Hannah Glogower


Michelle Sarkissian is a professional Wedding Photographer based in Orlando, FL and is often on the move capturing Destination Weddings in the likes of New Orleans, NYC, and Harbour Island, Bahamas just to name a few! She has had a deep interest in photography since falling in love with her grandma's 1977 One-Step Polaroid Land Camera at the age of five, and went on to spend her college years at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies (School of Visual Arts & Design at UCF), turning this natural talent and innate interest into her career. Michelle continues to experiment with light and color using prisms, bokeh techniques, and editing that mimics the film of another era to achieve unique qualities in her photographs and continually push the boundaries of her creativity. 


"Ultimately I've found that I enjoy photographing Weddings most because I am rarely bored with the exciting challenge they give me and the romanticism they present. Capturing two people in love is an endlessly inspiring subject matter, and I really fall in love with my couples for that reason."



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