As a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, I fall in love with my couples time and time again. Good thing I have my camera to cover up my tears! My goal is to use your personalities, unique story, and individual style as a guide to shape how I capture your wedding day so your pictures have a more profound meaning that’s all your own.

I take the time to get to know you, and use that information to build inspiration and create a plan of action for how I WILL rock your wedding day! I highly value communication, and we will talk a lot to create a high-end and truly personal wedding photography experience where your ideas and input are always heard. After all, I am creating these photos for you!

I fully believe that my investment in you and your big day is the magic that makes my pictures phenomenal. I use my tack sharp instincts, based on our careful planning, to make the call on what moments require different photographic approaches. Some situations may call for me to be more pulled back and capture the moment without interruption, while others require direction and posing to give you those impactful editorial portraits. My 10 years of experience in the photo industry have prepared me to meet even the most chaotic wedding day demands with an optimistic approach.


If you have found yourself here, it’s because you’re in love and want someone who “gets it” to capture that love for you. I can tell you for sure, I GET IT.

In 2006 I met and fell in love with my husband, Sean. It makes me so grateful that fate would have it that he would introduce me to my second love: photography. We’ve been together now nearly 12 years, and are madly in love. Always partners and never competitors in life, Sean is a lot of the reason that I have my own business today. He bought me my first SLR camera for what we assumed was going to be a hobby we would learn together, but after my first roll of film was shot, it was off to the races for me. I became obsessed with photography and how powerful a tool it could be for telling a person’s story. It’s an exciting challenge to utilize expression, eye direction, movement, posing, and even light to convey emotion and deep rooted themes.

Once married, we tried hard to start a family. After a lot of heartache, we finally welcomed our baby girl Fiona into the world. She is like the Tasmanian Devil reincarnated, full of more energy than I even knew one human could contain, but by god I would be lying if I said she didn’t make my heart grow ten-fold!

So why am I saying all of this? What’s it to you? As a wife and a mother, I understand that photographs are a way to freeze what can easily become a fleeting moment. Our memories, whether picture perfectly produced or not, are our legacy. That is something that I value, no matter who is before my lens.

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